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This site contains the documentation for Androsynth. You will find usage guides as well as examples and illustration videos.

What is Androsynth ?

Androsynth is a sound creation and music composition application for Android. It is comprised of three main modules : the Sampler module, aimed at the edition of sounds and the creation of samples, the Tracker module, which allows to compose music using those samples, and the Effect Editor module, which permits to create sound effects.

Basic usage

When first launching the application, the following main menu will appear. Touch one of the buttons to access the corresponding feature.

Main Menu

For example, the following screen appears after touching on the "Sampler" icon :

Sampler Screen

On top of the screen you will find a navigation bar which regroups some functions common to all screens. The first button on the top left is the navigation button which allows to go back to the main menu. Then, a text area gives some contextual information, here for example the name, the sampling rate and the number of channels of the currently loaded file.

On the right are a Vu-meter which indicates the sound level being played, the volume setting button, and the play/stop button.