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The sampler allows to load, save and cut sounds as well as apply effects to them.

Sampler Screen

Loading a sound file

Sampler load button The magnifying glass button opens a file browser where you can choose a file to load in the sampler.
Sampler select button This button allows to select a new time interval.

Recording a sound

Sampler record button The record button allows to record a sound using your device's microphone. Once the recording is finished, tap on "OK" to load it in the sampler.
Sampler Screen Record Dialog

The recording window also features a visual metronome that can be enabled by tapping on the button on the top right of the dialog box :

Sampler Screen Record Dialog with Metronome

Applying an effect chain to the current sound.

Sampler effects button The effect buttons allows to apply a series of effects to the sound selection. Watch the tutorial below for explanations.

Saving a sample.

Sampler save button The save button saves the selection as a sample that can then be used in the tracker.